Words that sell.
Without sounding salesy.

Specialising in adverts, landing pages & website copy.

Boring doesn't sell.

The average person sees around 10,000 adverts a day and consumes an eye-watering amount of content. We live in a world of consumption and your prospects are overwhelmed. But there's good news. The market is saturated (lots of content) but not competitive (most of it sucks). My mission is to help you resurrect your copy and defrost your brand from the ice, ice, baby.Take onboard the words of Howard Gossage:
"Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them, and sometimes it's an ad."

That's me.

...looking like a seal for all the hungry South African sharks.

Who is this guy?

Good question. I'm a nomadic, highly-caffeinated, action-sports addict who writes copy for kick-ass brands. But you can call me Robbie.

But can you help me?

Maybe. But maybe not. At this point in my career I've worked with just about every type of business. So get in touch and we'll see if we're a match! No harm in asking.

Why do you write copy?

To be honest, the plan was to become a psychologist. But whilst studying I was corrupted to the dark side: advertising! Now I write copy. And I love it.

Can I pay you more?!

What a great question. Yes, that's absolutely fine. You can pay me as many millions as you like. I accept all forms of currency (high fives don't count).

I should charge for this ↓Landing Page Playbook: step by step guide to turn your landing page into a conversion machine.

Quick Ad Break?

But what do my clients say?

Client Spotlight:
Millionaire Mastermind

Lisa Easton is a global internet sensation and the founder of Millionaire Morning Mamas. Lisa's agency hired me to craft their landing page copy for The Millionaire Makeover Mastermind.

Client Spotlight:
Future Talent Council

"Working with Robert was great, he was incredibly prompt and immediately understood the task at hand providing quick quality work at a very reasonable rate for the service provided!"

Still not convinced?


"Robbie & I have worked together since 2018 and his industry-knowledge and persuasive tone of voice is outstanding. We've closed almos 7-figures of new business as a result of Robbie's work. Keep it coming!"


"Great overall experience. Robert's proposal stood out because he took the time to analyze my problem and provide a general outline of the steps required to complete the project. Great communication and outcome."

Revenue Builder

"Robbie is an excellent sales copywriter. Writing cold emails is hard. Getting them short, concise, and making sure the calls-to-action resonate with the audience is even harder. Robbie nails it all. I recommend him entirely."


"We've worked with Robert and he did an excellent job! Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a modern, engaging copy that really speaks to the reader - and converts. Kudos!"

Here's how we can work together:

Ad & Copy Projects


For those less time-constrained projects. Work with me on individual projects including ads, website copy, landing pages, and email funnels. This could be a short project over a couple of hours or a total overhaul. The choice is yours.Starting at $989.

Same Day Copy


Some projects just need to get done. And they need to get done fast. Same day projects start with a call and end with a first draft in your inbox. Last minute projects available upon request (as long as I'm not snowboarding...).Fixed rate of $2,000.

You made it this far.

There's no commitment just yet. We barely know each other so let's grab a coffee first (metaphorically, virtually, or in-person). Quickly fill in the form below to give me an idea of what you're looking for & I'll reply as soon as possible. If you have a brief please email it to robbie@copybyrobbie.com.

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I'm stoked.

Working with new businesses and new creators is always exciting. You'll be hearing from me very, very soon! Make sure we're connected on LinkedIn before you go.